Campaign Black Screen

Is anybody else having the issue where you load up a checkpoint in the campaign and you just get a black screen? I can move around, shoot my weapon, get killed and stuff but all I ever see is a completely black screen.

It’s happened to me twice in the H2 campaign, once on the first mission and once on the 8th. I’ve tried all the usual methods of fixing the issue it seems the only real solve is to restart the mission…which is extremely annoying.

Any help is useful!


343 has yet to address the issue. The are focused on fixing Online Multiplayer only. So we pretty much bought 50% of a game.

I’ve had this happen quite a bit, even when it loads up the Halo Channel it will go to a black screen. Pausing the game makes it come back until you unpause. I found the only fix is to restart the lvl or if your on Halo 1/2 you can press the button to switch between the 2 graphics engines and that will fix it.

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