[Campaign] Banished driving human vehicles variants

I always found myself wondering why we never encounter Banished forces using human vehicles on the ring, or using human material for vehicles. Here are some instances to make it clearer :

  • Human Warthog with a Plasma Canon instead of the regular human turret.
  • Banished wraith with a human turret instead of the regular plasma turret.

I think 343 did that with Halo 5, adding some of these vehicle variants in the multiplayer sandbox.

I don’t know why they missed this opportunity to do it again. Lore-wise it would be logic, as Banished are scattering human material to build up their forces.

And i think that, in general, we do not encounter enough varied vehicled forces on the ring. It’s 70% ghosts, 30% choppers, and 100% banshees if you are in a flying vehicle. Mixing things up with some human vehicle, vehicle variants and a bit more random Heavy Vehicles encounters would greatly benefit the campaign replayability AND story/background.

What do you think guys ?

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I’d rather they had their own vehicles than reusing UNSC vehicles. Same with the Weapons. Why do the Skimmers with unique armour and your new faction use UNSC guns? Sentinels having brute weapons bolted into them.

Plus, smaller Spartan using Brute chopper is okay but a Brutes probably too big to drive a Warthog.

They are the Banished not the covenant whos ran by brutes. They have to scavenge for weapons to keep their troops supplied. Not only that the unsc weapons are similar to brute weapons and we all know brutes like using human weapons. It also brings variety amothe troops having many weapons to choose from.

I would invalidate the size of the model, as when a brute or an elite hijacks you out of a warthog for instance, they climb in and then get out, which means there is some compatibility for them to drive it.

Also brings the question why marines don’t get on side of tank like in other halo games, no doubt there is a reason, if they can get in ghosts then must be a way of them running off with your warthog etc.

Maybe with it being semi open world, it was maybe done like that so vehicle was at your disposal, I thought banished would be able to take back fob’s as well… alot of opportunities

Human vehicle variant could be nice, but only ocassionnaly I think. Their would be perfect for some boss.

For example, the banshee with the wasp’s weapon would be nice and make the banshee a real threat.

To me it just comes across as lazy. If you only have one faction why not give them unique vehicles instead of reusing existing UNSC weapons and vehicles. To me it would and does just feel cheap.

For one thing the Brutes shouldn’t even be able to fit in a warthog or use smaller human guns.