Campaign Audio Logs

Spent almost 9 hours trying to find 1 Banished audio log on the 2nd island outside of normal play time.

Ive gone with IGN’s checklist and completed them all. All facilities are 100%. i’m at 25/26. Ive gone to where people say “its not on IGN’s list” which is 100% bs. Gone through all of the Banished facilities, FOBs, and Squad locations. I don’t know what else to do.

I would legit rather a NSF LASO run and just melee hunters to death. Kicking puppies sounds more enjoyable than doing this. WTH 343? Who on the dev team thought not tracking collectables(especially if you aren’t going to make them a specific order like 99% of other games) was in anyway shape form or fashion a good idea? Then we can’t even create mods(anti-cheat) so the community can fix this type of screw up ourselves? I can’t even sit down and enjoy myself with campaign completion. I even put the game down for a week only to pick it back up and be right pissed off after 4 hours of yet again, marking stuff off multiple site’s checklists.

Lots of players have found all 26 of them and to my knowledge there is no bug keeping one from being found. Be sure you didn’t miss one during a “main mission” or use some of the interactive maps that have been created to help locate the one you are missing.

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If it’s a Banished Audio Log don’t bother checking the FOB’s and Squad Locations, the FOB’s only have UNSC related Audio Logs. And Squad Locations I don’t believe usually have them either. What likely happened is the same thing that happened with my MJOLNIR Locker by Lima Base. It didn’t spawn in the right way, so I had to reboot the game and there it was. So if you don’t remember which locations on the list you successfully found the Banished AL’s, then you may have to re-search them.

If you do remember, then it’s just a matter of crossing out the locations you found one in and searching the ones that are uncertain.