Campaign armor

i have heard many romurs flying around about the ability to costumize your in game campaign armor or that your campaign armor will be the same as your matchmaking armor as opposed to noble 6’s theroy of plain old black on black i think this would be pretty bad -Yoink- but i am doubting the legitamency of these claims because as we all know everyone spreads romurs and the closer to release we get the more there are and the wilder they get and im wondering does anyone know for sure if this is true

Well since Reach is out, i’m sure you know.

But yes Noble 6 is not a plain armoured character like Master Chief was. There is over 100 peices of armour to customise with, including armour effects. In the campaign, your character is exactly how you want him/her to be. For example, if i finally unlock the Mark V helmet, Noble 6 can wear it in the campaign.

My Noble 6, in the game, has a flaming helmet, CQB helmet, Multithreat chest piece, and I can’t remember the shoulders. I can’t remember this ever being a rumor… last I knew Bungie came out and said it long before it was speculation.

I change my armor a lot. As a result I actually tend to watch the cutscenes in missions a lot more. I never did before if I’d seen it already. I’d normally skip it. But I definitely think that seeing new armor combinations in cutscenes is really cool.

I see that SIP has also found its way here.