Campaign and Firefight Leaderboards

I was thinking last night about one thing that Halo has never really had; any sort of leaderboards for keeping track of high scores and best times, etc.

Since Halo 4 is obviously going to have a Campaign and I see no reason as to why 343 would abandon Firefight, have you given any thought to including in-game Leaderboards for Halo 4 (and 5 and 6 for that matter)? So that rather than having to use an outside source like Waypoint or Halo Charts people could simply see in-game who in the world has the best score on what map or mission?

This doesn’t extend to regular Multiplayer though; too many games have proven what including multiplayer leaders can do to a game, and Halo just doesn’t need that kind of grief (in addition to making such a leaderboard for Halo being incredibly difficult and time-consuming).