Campaign and custom matchmaking talk.

<mark>Halo 4 Campaign Criticisms</mark>
Halo 4 is the ONLY Halo campaign I’ve only ever played once. And I really don’t want to ever play it again honestly.
I didn’t like Halo 4’s campaign at all. The awkward intimacy between the Chief and Cortana ruined the cutscenes and story for me they overdid it and made it waaaay to awkward. The chemistry in the past games (especially in Halo 3) was the right amount they over did it in Halo 4 I couldn’t stand to hear that crap. The sexual vibes it sent was too much. And was stupid. Cortana is an AI. Not a human, I fine with her caring about him and being scared like in the past but the vibes they put out was just wrong and ruined the story for me. Which actually made me glad she’s dead, because if they were going to do that crap with her in the future games too that’d be awful. If they bring her back somehow that awkwardness better go. And the prometheans ruined the gameplay for me. I didn’t like the missions for the most part. I think that the prometheans were good in concept but the end result was awful.

<mark>Halo 5 Campaign Hopes</mark>
I hope the campaign for Halo 5 is a lot longer than Halo 4. I hope its close to 15-20 missions. Also I hope there is as little promethean enemies as possible. I thought they were a good idea in concept but I really hated the end result. I hope the flood make a return and the covenant have more presence than they did in Halo 4. I want to see boss battles. Like the promethean/forerunner thing in the reveal trailer. And scarabs. I hope its the two playable characters like in Halo 2 that have intertwined stories. With the Chief and Locke. The Arbiter is back! Which is great I hope he does have a strong presence.

<mark>Custom Games Matchmaking</mark>
I hope they have custom games matchmaking. When you enter custom games matchmaking you have two options. The first: Host. This lets you choose your map and gametype you have created. Then the second option: Join. This lets you join and play someone else’s creation. I think it would work great and people would enjoy it greatly.