Campaign AI Problems

As someone who beat legendary solo campaign night 1, I have to say I am disappointed in 343. Gun play is nice, game is good in general. But it could be great. The enemy AI instantly knows where you are and drops you in no time flat. But I EXPECT that on legendary.

What I don’t expect are WORTHLESS companions. I am with 3 other Spartans at all times. What do they do? Stand in the open and MAYBE shoot their plasma pistol (VALE you pointless girl-I’m talking to you)!! I tell them to pick up a weapon instead, they barely use that. When you go down, which happens a lot against warden eternal, their pathing is TERRIBLE. I am on top of a rock- an easy jump for someone that has a semi functioning brain- yet they just stand next to it, in the open, staring at me. STARING AT ME like “Oh, hey chief, I like your purdy visor. Can I haz one?” Or, I might be fine, yet one team member meanders away from me and gets lit up (I can’t imagine why they would wander off anyway, we all know they aren’t going to shoot anything). Then the other two rush to their aid only to result in all three calling for help like the inferior AI that they are. In no time flat we are all dead because they are all too stupid to jump or properly traverse the environments. I would almost rather be completely solo and have the enemies toned down just a tad than to be grouped with this bunch of dysfunctional idiots. Prometheans have no trouble bouncing between cover. You would think that trained SPARTANS would be able to do something without your every command-unless legendary is designed for you to use your D-Pad more than your triggers (I can’t imagine that being by design though). I don’t expect them to carry me, it is legendary. But make them shoot. Make them use the weapons I tell them to get. Make them STAND BEHIND COVER. Make them more useful than bullet sponges. Make them able to move without following me like lost puppies. Most of all, please make them Spartans again.