Campaign achievement bugging

Hi, so far I’m half way through the campaign I did the first set of missions on legendary and since then I’ve been doing heroic. I have got the achievements for the first few missions that I did on legendary but all the ones I have done on heroic I’m not getting achievements for even though I have successfully done them. Not sure why this is happening or if its some thing stupid I have done.
THANKS :smiley:

at least your campaign progress didn’t randomly reset…

hehe true, that would make me rage quit halo…!

it’s happened to me, and plenty of other people…

what? the reset or the achievements not saving?


oh :s i haven’t herd of that, but I’ve read quite a few people have had achievement bugging through the campaign but haven’t found a solution

Can any one help?

I just beat mission 8 on heroic, so CLEARLY I’ve been through the rest, and on heroic too. BUT, it didn’t give me the 2nd mission cheevo for beating it on normal or harder.

Something is broken. It’s not hard to do it again, but it’s annoying.

hi well ive tryed repeating missions but im still not getting the achievements…

You could try clearing your harddrive cache and redo the missions. And if I were you, I’d complete each mission in a single session.

Always shoot for finishing a mission in one sitting, if you can’t, make sure you “Resume Campaign”. Do not start at a rally point, always resume.

ok ty i will try this :slight_smile: