Campaign Acheivements/Unlocks not registering.

So, my girlfriend and I just completed the Halo: CE legendary playlist. We did every mission together. I have 10/10 missions completed for Halo: CE, while she has 9/10. She never disconnected or anything, she did not get credit for The Maw. On top of that, While the mission shows me as having beaten the game on Legendary, I only received achievements for beating it on easy, and the nameplate unlocks only counted for easy and normal. As a result, she has not gotten any of the achievements, unlocks, etc. for any of these.

Has anyone else experienced these kinds of issues? Or any info about how to fix them? As I said, I can see physical proof that I have beaten all the missions on Legendary, the game says so, but the game wont’ unlock certain rewards.

Some achievements seem to take time, I still have about 4 that are 100% but are still locked. snap achievements and see if any are ‘unlocking’?

Some of this appears to be on Microsoft’s side.

Not all but some.
If it shows:
“Done! Unlocking…”
that is an XBL issue, not an issue with the game.

The Achievements for beating Halo: CE says “Done! Unlocking…”, but the two achievements for beating CE on Heroic and Legendary both show at 95% complete. Kind of hoping that they’ll just fix themselves eventually.