Camera weirdness

I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m noticing my camera being odd. I had lined up a shot and was waiting for the enemy to pop out but when they did my aim shifted, even though I wasn’t touching the stick. Today I was trying to shoot someone who kept moving from side to side and my aim kept moving. Anyone else have this happen? Or is it a problem with my controller?

It’s called aim assist. Is this a troll post?

No, it was genuine. I have two controllers and both are going bad. I can’t find an option, so I guess it can’t be disabled? Would be good as it’s annoying.

It can be disabled… you just gotta do a lot of sifting through settings.

I’ve never seen an option to disable aim assist on Xbox.

You gotta dig for it.
I hope we can turn it off. It is throwing off my aim in R6 Siege.

I’ve genuinely checked through all the settings many times and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen such an option on Xbox. I’ll double check shortly just to make sure.

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I’ve seen this claimed many many times on here, and having just checked Xbox and Halo Infinite settings, I can confirm that (unless I’m blind) the option to disable aim assist does not exist on Xbox.

That is bogus and just utterly wrong of 343 to do.