Camera Shake Setting - Feedback

I’m just throwing this out there because the camera shake setting gave me a Very bad first impression of the game. I’m sure not everybody will agree with this but this was my experience.

When I first got control of my character and began to sprint the shake did not feel natural or smooth to me and I didn’t actually recognize that it was intentional camera shake from sprinting. I honestly just thought the graphics were glitching out when I moved and were somehow broken. It was very distracting to me but not recognizing it as an intentional default setting I didn’t correct it right away. Even though the game looked good and played well, I couldn’t stop saying “this looks so bad” because I thought the camera was glitching whenever I moved quickly.

Once it occurred to me that it might be a camera shake setting and I turned that setting all the way off the problem was resolved. (Also the settings number showed it was set at 0 even though it was clearly at the highest setting by default, so maybe that itself is an issue.)

Basically I just dont think camera shake should be cranked to max like that as a default setting. I think a lot of players jumping in for the first time might not even recognize it as a feature that can be turned off but rather just accept it as their cameras PoV glitching out.