Camera Control during Cutscenes *new evidence*

A while back I sent Evil Otto a message. I asked him if it was possible in Reach to move the camera around freely during cutscenes, just like in Halo: CE (PC version.)
This is what he said:
"Not that I am aware of. However, I haven’t searched to see if there are any bugs or exploits that fans have found to circumvent this."
Now when the flyable Pelican was info was released, hackers soon found out how to do it.
So I was thinking that hackers could possibly find a way to control the camera during cutscenes.

I didn’t post this up, until something happened.
I was playing a co-op game, and I knew that a cutscene was about to occur. So I decided to pull out my Focus Rifle and fire. I could still feel the vibration in my control as if the Focus Rifle had a bottomless clip on during the cutscene.
But what really freaked me out was what happened.
The camera moved
I do know that during certain cutscenes in ODST and in Reach you can move the camera around, but it is just Noble Six turning his or her head. This is not one of those cutscenes.

BTW a couple of glitches occur during this sequence. My Spartan is wearing full Mark V armor, and it suddenly becomes the default (you can see the shoulder pads disappear.) Also the music that is supposed to be playing stops.

I think this is just a glitch, not something people can use with a simple routine.

nvm. was it at the beginning?