CAMEO Appearances?

I don’t yet know if there will be any cameos in halo 4, besides Commander Lasky, but if there were, who would you want it to be. My first thought would be Johnson or the Arby, but Johnson (SPOILER(if you havent played Halo 3(who hasn’t))) is dead, and the Arby has been confirmed in Spartan Ops, but not campaign.
So I would probably have to choose the squad from Halo 3 ODST. I know, I know, ODST’s have already been ruled out of halo 4, but I would still think it would be awesome if they were in it. I don’t know why, but i just think the guys from ODST were awesome, not just personality wise, but they took out a scarab, hyjacked a phantom, and the rookie survived for hours on his own n a city full of covies, despite being a rookie. So my choice would be them.

Who would be yours?

Edit1 Couldn’t find official link to proof of Arby, but I first read it on this thread, part way down:

When was Arby confirmed to be in Spartan ops? Can you provide a link?

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I dont know if I would say Lasky is a cameo. Everything I have seems to imply they want to pass him off as Chief’s new BFF…

as for spoilers you can hide them by typing;

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OT - dont think we’ll see Arbiter as long as first season of SOps is focused on Requiem. I would like to see the guys from ODST back (undecided whether I would like to see them as ODST’s still or as Spartan IV’s though)

When were ODST’s ruled out?

I think it would be cool if Buck (from ODST) made an appearance–That cameo in Reach seemed a bit underwhelming. Although, I don’t know how they would get that to fit into the story. He would somehow have to be on the Infinity, which doesn’t seem likely considering it’s full of spartans, meaning they wouldn’t really have a need for ODSTs. It would be awesome if they could make it work, though.