Camelot - Post-Modern Villa

Ill get a video made soon

This asymmetrical map is a private villa suspended over a planet on a man-made asteroid. It’s not quite BTB sized but arguably could support 16 players. I made this map with a 100% focus on aesthetics as a starting point. The forge texture update got me very excited and I knew I had to make a post-modern villa made of concrete and wood. As the design for the structures came together and I got gameplay feedback, it turned out that the map is actually fun to play also.

One of my desires for this map was to instantly transport players into the setting. I wanted people to really feel like they were shooting up a billion dollar showpiece mansion. There is a great hall complete with accessible rafters, a big kitchen and dining area, a master bedroom, a holographic projection viewing room (4K for the 26th century!), a landing pad, pool yard, and gazebo. There are even facades showing off a bunker and supply basement. Use your imagination as to what could be behind the doors.

The sniper is the neutral tier 3 weapon, with a railgun and hydra as opposite spawns; and shotgun vs hammer positions. Various other weapons are strewn about the map of mostly human design (I love me some UNCS guns). Most routes to power weapons are reasonably similar.

This map has some connective lore from my last solo map, Excalibur. Hence the name Camelot. The owner even put a decorative round table with swords as tribute to his inspiration.

This villa is one of many private residences that the trillionaire who created and sells the Excalibur weapon system (my map Excalibur). He is basically a Tony Stark in the 26th century. He has so much money that he can build floating rocks above the stratosphere and put his house there. Don’t worry, it can defend itself from invaders quite well, despite looking very tame.

Play it and let me know with reviews and comments what you think.

CTF has not even been tested so who knows if it sucks. I made this for slayer and oddball first and decided to toss a second mode in for fun.