Calmly Give Your Opinions

Please discuss why you like or dislike certain features, and why, without flaming.
Please refrain from referring to others as casual or hardcore
I’ll start.

Spartan Points
I have no problems with this one. I enjoy the idea of rewarding players just for playing, because it can help keep people who want more visible rewards an incentive to play, which keeps the player population up a little bit. I hope that they also give a skill based ranking system to satisfy those that want a skill based reward.

Spartan Ops
Once again, no problems with this, as it isn’t affecting my multiplayer experience in any negative way. It can only enhance it. I love the idea of episodic coop campaign, as I love the normal campaign as well.

I enjoy this in Call of Duty, but in Halo Reach, I couldn’t stand how it changed the way maps were built. Primarily, jumps were put in that could only be made with sprint, and maps were made larger since you could sprint and get around faster. As long as it is ONLY a way to move faster, and not taken into account in map making, I see myself enjoying it.

Other Armor Abilities
Despite considering myself competitive (not good, competitive), I enjoyed armor abilities such as hologram and camo in almost every playlist. Armor Lock was, in my view, a crutch when people lost a fight, and shedding stickies was a bad design decision on Bungie’s part. Jet Pack changes map movement radically, but I think it could work as well, if not better, as it did in Reach.

Random Weapon Drops
I have mixed feelings on this. Based on the info from the GI leak, power weapons randomly drop around the map. This changes the current strategy of controlling power weapon spawns as part of map control. Assuming the way that you are alerted to the drops is similar to the Invasion Slayer drops (where you know the drop locations for half a minute), a team will be able to slowly adjust their position to hold the advantageous parts of the map and the drop locations. However, I still would prefer static weapon spawns.

No Respawn Delay
Imagine that you are playing on a small map, and you kill somebody, but in the process, lose your shields. A respawn timer allows you to escape if you are in a poor position, and recharge your shields. If the other player can instantly respawn, they spawn instantly knowing your location, and that you are weak. On a small map, they could find you and kill you quickly, resulting in a drawn out, traded kill. Unless the respawn points and zones are set up extremely well, I can’t see myself enjoying this.

Joining in Progress
Love it. I hate it when people quit out. I’d love for someone to come in and fill that slot.

Custom Loadouts
I would love to be able to spawn in every game with a BR or DMR. I just don’t like AR starts. Assuming there aren’t perks, or abilities within the loadouts, I like this one.

I’m basically okay with most of the changes, as long as I can change to a classic or “competitive” playlist.

I agree!


Spartan Points
The idea seems generally fine, but what I don’t want is that to be the one and only way to unlock armours. I also don’t want that to be our source of Exp, much like Reach’s credits

Spartan Ops
Love this, but I really hope 343 keeps it alive, I don’t want to have it just become useless junk once 343 finishes giving out the new missions.

Considering sprint isn’t really an AA anymore and just sprint I kind of like that, but I really want to see how the control scheme will work now to allow for balance.

Other Armour Abilities
With Reach I only ever really used sprint, so I don’t care too much about the other armour abilities. I don’t think they’ll kill the game, and I think 343 will do a good job with balance whether it is on their first attempt or their tenth.

Random Weapon Spawns
I really like the idea. I do remember always thinking to myself playing Halo "Why are there just a bunch of guns and grenade laying around the maps so neatly. I think this is really cool addition and will go nicely with the training program we’re all in. I do no think that they will be random though.

No Respawn Delay
I see nothing wrong with this and I figure it will be gametype specific.

Joining In Progress
I love it, and have always wanted it. Finally a fix to quitting, but now I wonder are there penalties for quitting, and will they be harsher depending on the gametype social to ranked?

Custom Loadouts
I like the idea, now I can feel more like my own spartan, I can honestly say I am really hoping for custom weapon skins, much like Gears.

what might instant respawn influence?

  1. no more map domination by mlg-type-gamers(this sux)
  2. killing people off guard…for the worse
  3. no more looking at your dead body performing rag-doll physics after someone kills you
  4. only + point is that …well there aren’t any!

My biggest problems are instant respawn and random weapons first off I feel that instant respawns lets betrayers get off easy because in halo 3 you would get an additional 10 seconds to respawn also if the entire team dies could they just stay dead until the end of the game not pressing x leaving the other team with no one to kill. My other problem is random spawn because power weapons are entirely changed taking away competitive gameplay and the fun of the splazer rush that leaves so many dead and so much fun being had. Also with custom classes players can get what I call medium power weapons like plasma pistols/rifles smg, ar (ish) etc for free and even though they aren’t pivotel to map and spawn control they can still give a player an advantage in certain circumstances

The only thing I’m not to keen on is the armor abilities.
Was hoping we moved on from Reach but guess not.

Plus, Active Camo reaaaally sucked in Reach imo, having radar jammer and making it easier to spot you, lets hope 343i decides to correct that problem that Bungie made. Because I’d love to have better camo for custom games than MP, but if it’s the same in both places, it surely will be a disappointment for me.

When I give my opinions on these forums people get all butt hurt and start crying rather than attempt to logically defend their opinions and arguments, which is why I don’t think it’s worth explaining an opinion that isn’t blatant fanboyism because the majority of people will just cry “OMG UR NOT A TRU HALO FAN IF YOU DONT ACCEPT EVERY PEICE OF DOG CRAP THATS DISHED OUT 2 U!” and I’ll have wasted a maybe good hour explaining why I think everything we know about this game so far is going to suck.

Spartan Points
Halo has had a form of currency for purchasing things like new armor ever since Halo 3 only back then it was through achievements. I’m not surprised or unhappy that we will be seeing yet another iteration of it. My only concern is the name Spartan Points. They could easily come up with something better.

Spartan Ops
Like what I said above, I’m not too thrilled about applying the “Spartan” name in front of everything and calling it a day. I am absolutely thrilled for this new mode though as Spec-Ops is the only reason I’ve even paid attention to CoD since MW2. The idea of having a dedicated co-op mode other than just campaign or a survival-based gametype was genious and I give much props to CoD for introducing it. Halo looks like it will be taking it a few steps further though. The sheer amount story-based content in Halo 4 is going to be incredible.

The reason sprint didn’t work in Reach was b/c the kill times were too slow which allowed players just enough time to be able to run away once they came under fire. Now that weapons like the BR will be coming back in all it’s 4-shot glory, we won’t really have to worry about things like that. I know a lot of people hate sprint in Halo (I was one of them), but if it’s implemented correctly then it will greatly enhance the experience by allowing players to get into combat quicker and improve the general gameplay speed hopefully back to it’s Halo 1 days.

Other Armor Abilities
As long as they don’t effect Halo’s core gameplay then I’m fine with introducing new abilities. AAs are great for creating new and excited custom games. I’d hate to see all that potential go away just b/c they don’t work in matchmaking. It’s very easy to just turn them off or make them pickups if it comes to that.

Random Weapon Drops
This is the most interesting new addition to me. Before, gameplay flowed through power weapon locations and high-ground positions. Now, power weapons are going to be in different locations every time they respawn. This will either drastically improve or ruin the overall Halo experience in my eye. I think it’s a bit risky on 343’s part, but Halo has gone downhill since the trilogy ended in '07 and it’s in much need of a bit of a change for the good this time.

No Respawn Delay
I don’t think this is entirely true. We probably won’t be seeing that same countdown timer like we’re used to, but there will still be some sort of delay between when you die and when that “Press X to respawn” appears on our screens. The main purpose of making players have to press that X is to keep all of those Idle players from spawning back on the map and soaking up deaths.

Joining in Progress
It has it’s Pros and Cons. The fact that we could have teammates replace ones that quit or lagged out will be helpful, but the thing I always hate about CoD is how I would spawn right as a match was ending. They could easily block that by locking a match once it hits the halfway point or something, but then that still allows your teammates to be able to quit out on you and leave you in yet another 4v1.

Custom Loadouts
I really think this is going to be setup similar to CoD where each player is allowed to basically just pick which Precision weapon they prefer, which assault weapon, which side-arm, etc. and those choices will only apply to certain playlists/gametypes. I doubt we’ll be able to take any weapons we want into any playlist we want like some people are thinking could seriously happen.

My biggest problems are the last 3. I was hoping for ranked playlists, but with those changes it’s not possible. Unless they’ll make a classic playlist that doesn’t include those things.

Spartan Points
Better name please.

Spartan Ops
Better name please.

Always liked and I still do.

Other AA’s
I’m on the fence about this one. I dunno whether I’m supposed to enjoy or fear the return of AA’s.

Random Weapon Drops
How will this work on symmetrical maps without being unfair? Will they just spawn in the middle?

No Respawn Delay
Again, I’m also on the fence on this one.

Joining in Progress
Hopefully if there is a “social” playlist, it’ll only be in that. I don’t want any of that crap in my competitive games.

Custom Loadouts
As long as it’s only cosmetic

> what might instant respawn influence?
> 1. no more map domination by mlg-type-gamers(this sux)
> 2. killing people off guard…for the worse
> 3. <mark>no more looking at your dead body performing rag-doll physics after someone kills you</mark>
> 4. only + point is that …well there aren’t any!

it was said after you die you can press X for an instant respawn, so i take it you can instantly respawn by pushing X or wait a few seconds for it to respawn for you, im pretty sure it said that somewhere, if its true then we could still see our bodies fly about.

I´m ok with most, except instant spawn and maybe random weapon drops when i find more about it.

The joining in progress makes the game more dinamic, as it fills missing players slots, i like it.

Spartan points, i like being significatively rewarded, and until 343 announces some unbalanced AA(we don´t know a lot of F Vision yet)i won´t hate it, i mean, take Reach as example, every one bashes it, and it´s still pretty balanced.

Spartan Points: I don’t really know how accurately judge this one with the lack of details, but I think it will work out fine.

Spartan Ops: Although the name doesn’t have my heart, the idea does. I wasn’t really a fan of FF after ODST because in Reach it was too simple with the same level of action each round. FF in ODST was much more difficult and required much more teamwork which made it so much more intense and different battles each time. These new missions should be fun to play online with your friends each weeks as you unfold the mysteries of the Spartan IVs.

Sprint: Always thought sprint should be in Halo. Although it worked well in Reach, I had two complaints. One was the ability to sprint and double beat down players. The other problem I had was not being able to fire your weapon quickly after sprinting. If they can fix both of these then it should be fine.

Other Armor Abilities: As long as they don’t give one player a over powered advantage over another player I’m fine with them. Just no armor lock please :wink:

Random Weapon Drops: This could work if the spawn points themselves are always in the same place but the weapons that spawn are random. Say the map has the rocket, sword, and sniper. There would be 3 spawn points that always remained stationary while the weapons alternated among them. This could lead to very interesting gameplay and new battles for control of the weapon spawns.

No Respawn Delay: If this is kept exclusive to certain gametypes it will work.

Joining in Progress: Not really sure how I feel about this one yet.

Custom Loadouts: I’m looking forward to this actually. It’s going to be very different but should make things fun. These will vary for each gametype though which is also good.