calm down...

For months now, people have been complaining about not getting to see more info on HALO4. Now, that they finally have, some are complaining about what they saw or didn’t see.
I have seen comments that it didn’t look like HALO3, too much like REACH, Master Chief’s looks and on and on…but, that is your opinion and everybody has one.
But, HALO4 can’t look just like HALO3, or it would be a step back. The graphics have to be more up to date. It has to look more like REACH than HALO3.

Reach, in my opinion, is bueatiful and a great game. Along with the other Halo games.
Those that have only started playing HALO in recent years, only know REACH and have no idea who Master Cheif even is. So, in his come back, he has to look awesome! New suit or not! Even, though those that have been working so hard on Halo4, love their job and care about the finished product,it all comes down to sales. There is alot of competition out there. And it has to be appealing to a new audiance or there may not be a HALO5.

I’m sure alot of things people like or don’t like in HALO4, will be straightened out. It’s not done, yet. May be some new things you never thought of in it and will love!
I think it looks great, I like the new suit and I look forward to it! Take a deep breath and calm down.
Just my opinion…to each his own!

People will always complain, it’s almost human nature now T_T @ 1:44


Welcome to the Internet.

I think only the map Warhouse looks like Reach, because it looks to me like Countdown. Wraparround is far more Halo 3 style and it looks like Narrows or any other Forerunner map.

I like the graphics very much. I like everything on Halo 4. I think it will be great and only Halo 5 will beat Halo 4.

I’ve accepted haters as a fact of life on internet forums now. I just comfort myself with the fact they’ll all buy the game and play it to death.