Calling all Spartans

To those looking for somewhere to fuel your taste for fun and competitive play, look no further. DeadS1lnc3 are a group of players who want to improve their skill in halo while also having the most fun possible with a good group of people form every corner of the globe. We’re more then just friends in this company. Those who join us are considered family, and like a proper family we look after and are there for each other. If you want to join us, just message our leader or me and we’ll get back to you asap. We don’t care about how many hours you spend on halo or if you champion level in slayer. We want to know if you feel you can hold your own in a fight and would you be willing to work with a good team.

If your interested in joining, message any member listed in the bio of the company via xbox live, saying that you wish you join and we’ll happily invite you to a game so you can meet everybody or you can message me via halo waypoint and we can get you joined up straight away. Again we don’t care if your new to the game or have been playing for over a year, we accept all players. We only ask that you aren’t a screamer. It makes team work extremely difficult in both competitive and social play.

Thank you for your time, see you on the battlefield spartan.
AfroMan0018 Lieutenant of DeadS1lnc3

“Silence will Fall”