Calling all spartans ! (Clan recruitment)

hello to the halo community !
looking for a clan why not join us, give us a try . we are open doors for you to join in with us spartan, we would like to recuit you in our clan!
We have been around for almost 12 years. In 2012 We had a peak member count of over 10,000 members strong. We disbanded in 2015. And recently in 2020 we have reinstated the clan as active. We are recruiting for Halo but also we do play other games!

What To Expect :
-Military Ranking
-Must follow the rules
Soon as we have enough people we’ll start on a the division for halo
then we’ll go from there

-Halo Master Chief Collection (PC or Xbox)

  • Must be active in the clan
    If you would like to join our clan server or questions you have you can DM me on discord GoA soul #7259

What’s the name of the clan

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> What’s the name of the clan

its called GoA (guardians of Annihilation)