Calling all halo 20 year vets!

Thank you for halo infinite, you may have just saved the franchise.

Now i want to begin by saying, you all aren’t bad. Let that soak in.

The competition has changed. It’s a new day. Enemies are climbing, dodging, jumping, sliding, crouching, and there’s new sensitivity options.

It’s not a wonder we’re confused to why we aren’t at the same caliber we once were. 49,48, 35,34. That “old-man skill” is still relevant, but the game has sped up and the game has became exponentially harder with the current shooter mechanics. So relax, you’re not alone. I myself am in this predicament.

If you’re a halo vet and want to play, drop your names here and add each other!

People refer to it as “halo gamers over 35” it seems to be about the average age. We all have lives now, and the game that once gave us comfort is now a pain in our butts. It hurts.

Don’t come here to complain. Come here to vent. To reach out. To find others like you. Halo had to compromise to fit into 2022. And it should accommodate people like you. Let’s play some halo!

Thank you,

Matt aka T1M3


im only 25

and ive been here since launch. I still love this amazing game.

I’m 28 and I’m also kicking since CE.
Yup, I started as a little -Yoink!- not knowing anything but oh boy did the franchise grew on me and so did I grew up with the franchise.

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As someone whose been playing since Combat Evolved launched, I understand that the game changes. It isn’t bad and I rather do enjoy it. I just get my undies in a twist when old mechanics that were there from the start change. I don’t mind new mechanics, I actually really enjoy the climbing and sliding. Even if it did really throw me off at first.

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29 here. Spent many nights glitching out of maps in Halo 2 with friends. Good times.


I miss glitching out and away to explore outside the map. I was so upset when the later games gave you a ten second timer to return or die.


I’m 32 still playing Halo, missing the old times with Halo 2 specially, I really enjoy all the games in the moment not a big fan of MCC I don’t even play it and now struggling with Infinite I’m a bit disappointed but still playing it.

zTxChrono, playing on Xbox.