Calling all fans of Mister Chief!

A few years back, I started collecting mighty mugg figures. Then I thought, I need to paint a Mister Chief mugg, which I totally freaking did.

I thought it was cool when Halo Waypoint announced Halo Anniversary went gold using the image of my mugg.

Instead of selling the little dude, I decided to enter him into a contest.

To be eligible, I needed to trade a game and include a special free gift with the trade. I included Saints Row IV and this Mister Chief Mighty Mugg with his own assault rifle. So far, I’m sitting well at 4th place, but could use some votes from some Mister Chief fans. Wanna help? Cool!

Go here, click Like, then it’ll load my submission so you can click “vote.”

All votes are appreciated. If you don’t vote, that’s cool too. Just wanted to share this creation and hopefully get a few votes in the process.

With the addition of a Mister Chief avatar outfit, will we finally see a Mister Chief hemet in Halo 5? That would be pretty cool. Get on that, stat!