Calling All EU Spartans!!! UNSC Needs YOU!!!!

Well anyone on GMT time zone really…

Hey guys,

Basicly im looking for a squad (3 more people) to play Spartan ops with, at first, maybe evolving into a multiplayer thing as well.

Mainly weekend games as: 1. Spartan ops is weekly, might as well do it on the weekend. 2. thats when I have the most time.

Comment below telling me a little about yourself and we can discuss this further. I’ll provide my Gamertag via PMs

If we can get a squad together before H4 drops we could play some Campaign Co-op or something so we can see each others strenghs/weaknesses.

My names Leon, Ive been playing Halo since launch back in 2001. I love Campaign but when playing MP, I’m the driver most of the time and specialize in short - medium distance battles, so for me I either get up close and mix it up or hang slightly back dishing out headshots.
Im based in london. Anything else you need to know just ask away.

Look forward to fighting alongside you.

Hey mate I’m 21 from Ireland and my name is Dom, currently a stay at home Dad so I generally play at night after my 1 yr old son goes to bed about 8 - 10.30 usually.

I’m an offensive flanker who favours the sniper, sword and DMR with an average kd of about 1.65.

You can PM me ir just send me an FR on LIVE if you like.

Better off going to this thread…

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I started that one first, got told to move it so I made this one, then that one picked up.

I am interested, although i’ve had more replies than i thought i would so it may not happen now.

Still my GT is Pink Punnisher freind me and if this works out i’ll contact you mate.