Calling All Body/Voice actors (Machinima)

Hey, I’m Jordan, I like to consider myself a bit of a Halo and a Machinima fanatic, I love creating, watching, generally being a part of Machinima production, I’m also pretty ambitious…

Currently I have a HUGE Halo Machinima project in the works, (To say the most without spoiling anything too exciting it’s an Hour and a Half long featurette entierly filmed on Halo 4, This means, NO CGI, maybe a few special effects/Colour filters to invoke drama, other than that it will be a very raw looking project, in which which aspire to push Halo 4’s engine to it’s limits and create some very intense fight scenes, a very meaningful story, and hella’ character development!

Where YOU come in!

But like all things, i have problems, which is why i came to the Waypoint Forums… I need you lot, Body Actors, Voice Actors alike to make this project a reality… And a success, which obviously requires a few ground rules that must be followed (I’m not usually this formal hehehe)


  1. Have respect for everyone in sesh (Whether voice acting or Body acting)
  2. Must be avalible from 17:00PM - 00:00AM (CST)
  3. Be obidiant! Meaning no messing about during shooting (We’ll hold a celebration party after hehehe)
  4. Body actors should have me Added on Xbox Live (Makes tracking everyone a megaton easier! :slight_smile:

That’s about it…

As for Voice actors, firstly i’d like to know a little bit about your voice and what you can do with it, then i can decide on characters for you to act out… Bare in mind the same rules will apply to you, and we shoot our voice acting sessions live (On Skype) Because the team have discovered it is Much Much MUUUCH better for emotion in acting :wink:


If you’re interested in becoming a body actor of course, Hit me up on XBL: Siegery is my Gamertag!

And for voice actors, drop a little reply to this post or to me on xbox live, Though, the message should contain the following:

Gamertag/Forum Name
Short description of voice
Skype name
Times you atre avalible

That’s about everything! Any questions repllllllly right away!

Tally Ho Chaps!

Once again, sorry about the wall of text :wink:

BUMPer Cars :3

Gamertag/Forum Name: Chaos Vigorous

Nationality: BRITISH! -though I don’t sound it… like, I don’t sound posh british, but I can easily pull off one, if required of course.

Gender: Man.

Short description of voice
Meh… I can’t… exactly put that into words… <.<

Skype name: samcrosby84
(I’m not 84 by the way)

Times you are* avalible: (in GMT)

Weekdays (Monday - Thursday) 18:30 - 22:00
Friday 18:30 - 11~1am next day
Saturday varies. Average 12pm - 12am on sunday. Though if am given a time to come on, I can plan ahead.
Sunday, average 12pm - 10/11pm.

Gamertag/Forum Name: Rizebowl
Nationality: White/Asian
Gender: Male
Short description of voice: Trusting?
Skype name: Rizebowl
Times you are available: Just about anytime.

Curious about the story and the characters. Be sure to message me with the details.

I’m in for some body acting. Gt is same as it is here.

Gamertag/Forum Name
-Mr Daveski (here and XBL)
Short description of voice
-Not very deep, I’m a pretty upbeat speaker, I like to joke around.
Skype name
-I’ll let you know when I find it haha
Times you atre avalible
-It varies, most nights im good after 1700, but it depends.

I go to a military college and I’m in an Airborne Infantry unit in the national guard (to pay for college, cant wait to go active duty), so I can give you some advice for realism when it comes to military stuff.

Right-o lads, just a little update! I’ve added all the guys who posted about body acting positions, great to hear from you guys by the way, as for the va’s, because i can’r get on skype at the mo, i’m gonna add you all on xbl if this is okay, and i’l get a party going just to have a chat with you about the story and some of the characters and see if we can work something out with each of you, and for anyone else interested in joining up, we have loads more positions and i’d love to hear from more of you! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in body acting. Does SPARTAN gender matter? My gamertag is Sinnerj117

Well, during shooting we’d ask you to wear a specific armour/Colour/emblem, as ofr gender… potentially is all i can say at this point haha, i’ll talk to everyone on set about it, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

> Well, during shooting we’d ask you to wear a specific armour/Colour/emblem, as ofr gender… potentially is all i can say at this point haha, i’ll talk to everyone on set about it, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Okay. What armor, colors, and emblem are you planning on using?

Actually, let me just contact you on LIVE.

That’s fine. Add me on XBL, would really like to hear about the story and characters.

I’m interested in doing some body acting, and If you need me to do some voice acting, It wouldn’t be a problem.

GT/Forum: Killer101rulez

Nationality: Australian

Gender: Male

Voice: Depends, I can’t really hear what I sound like, nor do I care about what I sound like…
but it is even.

Availability: (GMT +10)

Depends, Sometimes I can be quite erractic on schedules. But most of the time I’m avalable.

I’m curious about the story and characters amongst applying for this. Message me about the details if you can.

Gamertag/Forum Name: Garrsam
Gender: Male
Short description of voice: My voice can do a lot of things. I can do all sorts of convincing accents (French, italian, british, irish, scottish) and have been acting since I was a wee lad. I understand honesty in character and how to portray convincing emotion.
Skype name: Spazhz
Times you are avalible: I work monday-thursday 7-3pm PST, sometimes sundays and do have a few other projects. But audio and acting are both my respected hobbies so I make time.
PM for an email.

I just did the sarcastic, youthful, slightly grating mark runil in this,