Call of Duty: Less garbage than Halo 4

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Halo 4 is failing on all fronts. Call of Duty has over 500k people playing on average, 250k at 5am on a Monday morning. Halo 4 barely breaks 100k on a weekend.

Oh! <mark>Christmas sales</mark> will boost H4 sales right? <mark>NOPE</mark>
Oh! <mark>More people will be on during the weekend</mark> right? <mark>NOPE</mark>

343 fails to understand that the reason COD does well, is because they’ve developed and made a game that the call of Duty fan-base has come to love.

Every change to Halo has been brought on by Call of Duty:

-Join in progress
-no zoom out when shot
-Progressive social ranking
-kill streaks
-instant respawn
-over-sized maps.
-button layouts: FOR CALL OF DUTY PLAYERS

And you know whats sad?

Call of Duty now has doubles, and <mark>RANKED PLAYLISTS</mark> with <mark>TRUESKILL</mark>
You have an emblem, and a division. You win, you go up. You lose, you go down.
Think about that for a minute. Call of Duty has ranked AND social. Halo doesn’t.

Please tell me more about how:
<mark>" If we don’t make changes to halo it would get stale"</mark>

If that’s true, then <mark>why</mark> does call of Duty make the same game twice a year, and their sales destroy Halo’s? Oh, right. Because THEY ARE LOYAL.

Halo 4 has been out for months; where is 343?
For the first time in my life, I’m going to play Call of Duty; they have ranks.

If you’d like to compare COD to Halo, please do so elsewhere.