Call Of Duty: Infection

Has anyone else noticed the influx of “Call of Duty: Infection” or “COD: Zombies” game types being ran? Seriously amazing. This further proves that the halo community is still one of the richest of them all :slight_smile: Please post your zombie maps here. I’m dying to try them! I’m 99% sure that I started this trend btw… hahahaha. Seriously tho, I’ve never seen a “cod: zombie” game type in browser until I launched “Surviving Zombie High”. Totally stoked about it tho lol. I’m glad to have given back to the halo community. With that said; I’m happy to announce my replica of Shi No Numa from COD: World At War. 16 player infection with functional door buys, perks, traps, zipline, and Easter eggs. Search for “Shi No Numa” map file and “Call Of Duty: Infection” game file by Sturbz. Enjoy!

Thank you sir for your awesomenessness and games!

My pleasure good sir