Call of Duty has DOZENS of challenges active at any time, you get free artwork in the form of Banners and so should Infinite

I hate to compare Halo to COD but I played Halo for longer and more than I’ve played call of duty so I feel justified saying this. Their progresssion system is top notch, lots of free player skins unlockable just by playing to offset the high store prices and the XP system is actually very well done, rewarding you for skillful playing

Halo needs:

—XP for kills, assists, total damage, accuracy, medals, K/D ratio and objective plays
– Concept Art should be unlockable for the loading screen and allow you to customize your loading screen art feed
– An entire year of multiplayer content should be available as a bulk purchase for $60, with the exception of super premium content
– Halo should take notes from Warframe, Destiny and other successful live service games
– There should be At Least one new weapon and 5 new maps EACH SEASON

– There NEEDS to be a world hub you can walk around in like Warframe and Destiny
– We. need. New. vehicles. And I’m fine with vehicles from Halo Wars

– And last but not least, deliver on your promises from the 2018 trailer.

Please and Thank You

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A hub for online? This ain’t phantasy star online broski… We don’t need that at all!

yet Destiny and Warframe have Hubs and are better for it.

People who think like you lack creativity and are boring. be gone

That has nothing to do with creativity doofus. Its about stealing aspects of other games. Halo needs to be what halo has always been It doesn’t NEED new styles, it does not need Battle royale, go play those other games you squib. Don’t make Halo into Other games. Then its literally not halo anymore…

this type of mentality is why Halo is in shambles… 343 is trying to appease all you clowns that dont even LIKE actual HALO… GO AWAY

And Halo having a Hub world Doesn’t mean it would have to be like other games hub worlds

Use your Brain.

That means it would literally be like all the other games where people can just stand around in a lobby and 343 has to build a lot of other servers and stuff for aspects of the game that are not needed… Stick to what has always worked, quit trying to be so ALL OVER THE PLACE…

If you think Halo should be like other games, then you should probably just go play other games…

lmaooo Im the complete opposite of why Halo is in shambles.

I have over 500 Campaign playthroughs and over 17,000 online matches played across all titles. I know this game inside and out and what it needs to thrive and succeed. There is a reason the first game is called COMBAT EVOLVED, not " stale combat rehash". Halo needs to evolve and Not how 343i is having it evolve.

and people who think like you do are basic-minded simpletons who don’t understand good game design

Xp system is over rated. If the game is not fun, no amount of XP is going to make me play it. I don’t hate this idea and if people want it, sure why not. I guess.

Pass. I’d rather they make new game modes than focus on this. Maybe in like 5 years this would be cool and neat for 2 seconds before people use it once and never again.

All multiplayer content is free, save for the premium customization in the BP/Store, Which I would argue are not content.

They have. Halo is now Free to Play and has an in game store where you can spend real money for pixels.

I like this idea, but I’d be happy with 3 new maps per season. Once Forge is out we’re going to get like 900 maps anyway.

No. It adds nothing but a waste of space on the hard drive on my end and waste of server space on 343i end. Plus this isn’t an MMO where you go to NPC to NPC to get stuff, it’s an online shooter.

I can get behind that. Hell, I’ll take a buff to some of the existing vehicles too.

Trailers have this little blurb in them that says “does not represent the final product” or something similar. I want the animals and the weather that they showed too, but legally speaking nothing was promised in that trailer.

If you think Halo shouldn’t draw inspiration from other games good features then according to your “logic” it shouldn’t be an FPS because other FP titles existed before it.

like I said, people like you lack creativity and don’t understand design concepts. You’re irrelevant

To sell better in the Asian markets since MS needed to build a base of players in their completions’ (SONY/Nintendo) turf (Japan) when they were launching the original Xbox to compete with the PlayStation 2 and… 64? Gamecube?

Your replies disgust me.

The fact that you think 343i shouldn’t have to deliver on the 2018 trailer because they"weren’t legally obligated to" tells me all I need to know about you

This literally has nothing to do with your HALO record. that’s what wrong with you kids, you can’t even focus on the topic at hand… I’ve been playing Halo since 2001, I own and have read every novel, comic book and graphic novel. I’ve probably played twice as much as you. I lost count of all my play throughs and time spent, but that is kind of irrelevant to the topic at hand…
Its not basic minded to keep structure the same fool, its called tradition… I understand Halo has done great until 343 took over and started “changing things” as you say it needs to have hahaha. Halo 2 and 3 skyrocketed because they “KEPT” what worked and added to it, they didn’t change the whole game like you are saying.


I never said it shouldn’t get better. I said it doesn’t need to “BECOME” other games…LEARN TO “DIFFERENTIATE” CLOWN

The lack of intelligence in the replies to my post is part of the reason why this franchise is dying.

The average IQ of new halo fans since the Reach era has dropped 100fold.

Imagine calling me a kid when I’m 34. You haven’t added one intelligent idea to this convo.

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I said, and I quote “I want the animals and the weather that they showed too,”

The fact you read that and thought that I did not want them to put that stuff in the game says a lot about this “intelligent” OP

And I also never said it has to become other games, just integrate similar features, albeit in it’s own unique way.

People who haven’t worked in the design realm are painful to listen to

You comparing Halo to COD in the title says all the people reading this post need to know. And yeah You seem to have a childish mentality toward a game thats 20+ years old. You can say whatever you like, but the fact remains Halo needs to get back to what people love, the basics. before it tries to step forward with brand new design… Any “idiot” can see that. You must not be able to read, but that’s ok. saying halo needs to be more like cod already tells us your mentally challenged :slight_smile: BYE!