Call of Duty did not "invent" anything

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Alot of you are comparing Halo 4 to call of duty, you say custom classes have been copied from CoD and put in Halo, you say perks have been copied from CoD and put in Halo.

First games to use these features were

Custom Classes - Team Fortress
Perks - Fallout 1
Progression level system - Every single RPG in existence

These things were “STOLEN” and put in Call of Duty, just because Halo is taking GOOD features from GOOD games to use it to its advantage it doesn’t mean it’s bad.
In the original Black ops, there was Theatre mode, you could say “COPIED” from Halo 3, but they evolved it, they made Xbox to Pc rendering FREE, and you could upload clips DIRECTLY to youtube, they took a good feature from a GOOD game and made it better, the whole concept of " EMERGERD YOU COPIED YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT " is really silly, if nobody copied anyone, we wouldn’t even have Halo, as it would be copying Pong, Pong was the first video game, if you make another video game you’re copying Pong, you’re not allowed to copy, that is the logic you all follow, and it’s silly.

Reply please, i’m looking to educate some competitive fanboys.