Call of Duty 9: Rise of the Machines

Judgment Day is Inevitable you merely postponed it

It just seems funny to me that many halo fans are comparing halo 4 to COD, while many COD fans are comparing Black Ops 2 to the Halo series in the terms that it seems more Sci Fi than realistic.

What is your opinion on halo becoming more like the COD series?

Here we go again…

This thread is now about bacon.


Reverse psychology this thread was intended to be about Puppies

One of these days I’m going to click on a thread with COD in the title and it’s going to be about fish and I’m going to jump for joy. Not be sad that it’s yet ANOTHER Halo vs COD thread. :frowning:

I Hate pork bacon

i like turtles…

> I Hate pork bacon

IDK i’m a big fan of maple cured bacon.