C.N.P has been a show running for at least a decade, and possibly so has RvB been. It is extremely horrible that 343i wont give any recognition to a show which has been living for a long time. Help get this to 343i, together we can hopefully make a change by bringing back all the fans who were lost due to a long time of revival. I hope that if we can get this to 343i then the show will come back again!

Can’t say I’ve heard of ‘C.N.P.’ however, I have heard of RvB.

What’s C.N.P?

Uhhh can you show us a video about what C.N.P. is?

As I said to the last person who posted about this.

> Note 343i are a busy company. They cant really go out their way to mention every Halo Machinima/creation show that comes around. As much as they would like.
> That said CNP are asking for the recognition from 343i. That isn’t how it works really. More 343i would go to them or mention them on their own accord. :slight_smile:

For those asking though
Linky to their channel.

Plus this thread is suited more for the Community Creations forum section.

I am surprised more people don’t know what cnp is it is the second longest machining afterall

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> What’s C.N.P?

are you talking about warhammer 40k

“C N’ P” not “C.N.P.”

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> “C N’ P” not “C.N.P.”