BXR Gaming looking for members!

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BXR is a growing gaming community in Halo 5. The focus of the clan is to bring players together with a focus in mind to improve their skills and making lasting bonds, while also beating the crap out of the competition. As we have just started our numbers at the moment are small, but our hearts are where it counts the most, in the game. If you’d like to be a part of this growing community with a focus and a determination to be one of the best and a name in the gaming scene please feel free to apply to the Spartan Company and/or message MIckey Joystiqs or TinyLobotomist on Xbox Live. Requirements for joining are listed below:

  • Must be a mature, active player (weekly is preferred if not daily) Mature as in able to respectfully listen, speak and play with other members
  • Have a desire to really improve themselves in the game and help their team improve over all. Determination and hard work are vital in helping yourself become a better player and we aim to enforce that.
  • Have a current CSR rank of Platinum in at least 2 playlists and at least a 1.0 K/D
  • Friendly and competitive minded but also able to relax and have a good time.
  • A mic is necessary. No Kinects. (Exceptions can be made; for further information message Mickey Joystiqs or TinyLobotomist) This is because communication is a very important aspect for working in a team and getting the win!
  • No other affiliation with other clans or communities at the moment of joining.
  • Gamertag change is optional; not required for promotion or any other benefits the clan has to offer. Unless you talk to Q, he will make you do it. SO don’t talk to Q.
  • Anyone who has previous clan experience are also welcome to join as we do need people to cover management roles and take on other administrative roles. Same goes with people with Youtube channels and the means to create videos or logos. These are talents we are also looking for.
  • And last but not at all least; have a desire to kick some -Yoink- but have fun while doing it with friends, with a family you enjoy spending time with!
    Hey guys, it’s me Mickey here, I just wanted to let anyone who has read this know that with everything listed above, if you’re doubting about joining please know that we are honestly just a bunch of cool people who enjoy the game and play to win. We want to have fun but also come out on top because that’s just a great feeling, isn’t it? We won’t look down on your for having a negative K/D or because you have a few bad games with us. Everyone has bad games and don’t always win. What makes us different is that we don’t give up. We will work to improve ourselves as players and only ask that you do the same, that’s the real commitment here. To improve yourself. So please if you feel like we seem to be the right fit for you and you have something to offer please feel free to contact us. Have a nice day.
    ~Mike “Joystiqs” Curry
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Word? dang

-Yoink!- MIKE

how many people are in right now?