Buying REQ's in Halo - Yes or No?

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Have you ever REALLY wanted a Sniper Rifle Certification, but gotten a Needler Certification? No? Well, even so this may be a good idea!

What if you could buy WARZONE Req’s with Req points. Maybe even cosmetic items.
What about more Rarity’s - It’s all here!

To buy them you pay x amount of Req points. E.G:

Common - Cosmetic: 1500 Rp
Uncommon - Cosmetic: 5000 Rp
Rare - Cosmetic: 10000 Rp
Ultra Rare - Cosmetic: 15000 Rp
Hero - Cosmetic: 20000 Rp
Legendary - Cosmetic: 25000 Rp
Mythic - Cosmetic: 40000 Rp

Common - Warzone/Arena Boost: 750 Rp
Uncommon - Warzone/Arena Boost: 1500 Rp
Rare - Warzone/Arena Boost: 5000 Rp
Ultra Rare - Warzone/Arena Boost: 10000 Rp
Hero - Warzone/Arena Boost: 15000 Rp
Legendary - Warzone/Arena Boost: 20000 Rp
Mythic - Warzone/Arena Boost: 30000 Rp

Common - Power Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up/Ability: 500 Rp
Uncommon - Power Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up/Ability: 1000 Rp
Rare - Power Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up/Ability: 5000 Rp
Ultra Rare - Power Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up/Ability: 15000 Rp
<strong>Hero - Power Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up/Ability: 17500 Rp</strong>
Legendary - Power Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up/Ability: 20000 Rp
<strong>Mythic - Power Weapon/Vehicle/Power-Up/Ability: 35000 Rp</strong>

As for New Rarity’s:

Mythic: The Rarest (I Mean a New Colour and Everything Mythic, not the *'s) - Colour: Black?
Hero: Rarer than Ultra rare, more common than Legendary - Colour: Red
(More May be Added)

New Vehicles: Come up with better names please! (By the way, by red and black I mean black with red diagonal stripes, not many though ;))

Incineration Tank (Please, oh please come up with a better name) - A Forerunner Scorpion
Binary Beamer - Another Flying Vehicle - Shoots Binary Rifle Beams
Bolter - Forerunner Ghost
Civilian Off-roader: Just a car
Fast Quad: A Mongoose with better air, speed etc, I want to make a Mongoose race track!
The Wither-Mobile: A Black and Red Warthog with Gauss Canon With 'Witherleader" on the side - font-Impact; Colour: Red

New Weapons:

Energy Blaster - Covenant Shotgun
The Wither Rifle - My own Gun, Red and Black sniper with “Witherleader” on the side - font: Impact; Colour: Red xD
Katana - Oh Hyabusa, it’s just not whatcha used ta- okay, on a more serious note, yes I want this so bad!
Flaming Sword - Forerunner Energy Sword
Original Rocket Launcher (Only availible in forge): Come on, you have to have missed the iconic weapon of death?

Forge Ideas:

I think there is a magnet already, but if there isn’t then a magnet to connect roads!
Ramps, not tilted roads please! Hills with Roads
Dynamic Environment that falls when you shoot is (Tree’s, Rock pieces break off)

You can decide the rest! Hope this will get 343’s attention! I would love to see some of these stuff! Oh, I forgot to mention player-made maps for arena multiplayer, or even warzone - of course giving the player credit and highlighting their name in the lobby!

Hope you come up with great ideas!

my only complaint, your idea takes away the thrill of opening packs. When you pull something awesome and get it when no one what has it is a thrill. If you can just buy it, a majority will be running around in hell jumper armor. I like the pack idea but I hate the weapon certifications. That is a terrible idea.

Random number generators are the future of gaming

Halo needed to evolve

I only use reg points. No reason to use money to it.

I only use reg points. No reason ro use money to it.

While i like the idea… I think that it would ruin the multiplayer and make it far to easy to level up. The system works fine as it is. If you don’t want to buy REQ packs, don’t buy them with cash. You ear a reasonable amount anyway. The REQ system is pretty harmonious.