buying more then 1 gold pack at a time

I want to buy more then 1 req pack at a time. I have the money to spend so i dont want to hear about how its a bad idea, its my money so ill spend it the way i want however i have a limit of how many purchases i can make on my card. i plan on making more and i spoke to my bank to getting that somewhat extended for today but in the future i want to know if theres a easier way to purchase more then 1 pack at a time (say if i wanted to buy 100 of them). anyone have any ideas?

buy a marketplace gift card with cash

thats a good idea, but going to the store is kind of a pain in the -Yoink- >.> is there anyway to add a bunch of packs to a shopping cart and just make a single purchase with them all?

There is not, unfortunately, 343 don’t expect people to buy in bulk. the fastest way is to do it on and there you an buy them all and then store them, open them all at once which would make for a nice catalog list for a forum post, to kinda share rarities and stuff!

alright ill do that. i got the legendary setintal dmr unlock which is my first legendary weapon (have helmet and visor already)

You can always but a ms card online and have the code emailed :slight_smile: loads of places do it legit