“Buying individual items” means being able to select items from a bundle you want for a slightly higher price, NOT selling individual items for 3 times the original price

I cannot believe 343 missed the mark on this. :weary:

Buying individual items means you go into for example a 10 dollar bundle that contains 7 items, but you’re only interested in 2 of those 7 items. You select those 2 items and buy them for 2 dollars each. DONE.

I just cannot believe 343 thought it meant removing 8 out of the 9 items from the Firefall bundle (https://mobile.twitter.com/HaloNoticiasMX/status/1463869167350829060) and is selling only the helmet for more than 3 times its original overpriced value. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Where is the rest of the bundle for people interested in the complete bundle? Will it even be sold? Is it added to the season 2 battle pass? How is the helmet attachment useful for people who are not buying the helmet this week? Are the items from the original bundle just deleted from the game? Why is 343 so silent all the time? :triumph:

Good god. I just cannot believe this. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. :joy:


To be honest, I was under the impression that you’d be able to buy cosmetics directly from the armor hall so you can just pick what you want at a decent price. That’s what I imagined when they said they were going to be selling items individually. Pretty disappointed with the current system.


I’ll raise you another, why are they selling individual items from bundles not even in the store? That is not what I had in mind either. Oh yeah, probably because their other bundle has only 1 item and the rest is just filler emblems

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That would be as close to a Reach system as we could get, add in earnable credits (infinite, not finite) and a lot of people would be happy. You would be able to directly buy anything from the store that you wanted it


While I’m not advocating for the current pricing structure, they aren’t selling items for 3 times the worth as all items are not equally priced.

It is like a bundle containing an Xbox Series X an extra Controller and Forza 5 is cheaper than individual items, but the bulk of the price comes from the main item. You cant say that the Xbox only makes up 1/3 of the price of the bundle.


The helmet is arguable the most valued/desired part of any armor set/bundle followed by the shoulders, and chest. You can’t value it the same as an emblem, a visor, a stance, and whatever else may have been included.