Buying Headset help

I’m looking for a good headset to buy at a budget of $100. I have herd Both good and bad things about Turtles beaches/Trittons and astros. Any thoughts?

Look for a good pair of trittons or Turtle beaches online.

I’ve had Turtle Beaches “forever” now and they will last about two years and they are great. The quality for the price is amazing. I’ve never owned a pair of Trittons.

I recommend Turtle Beaches. They’re a bit better than the Halo 4 Trittons.

I’ve owned the turtle beach x11s sense they were released and they have treated me well and i would recommend them 415% lol, the x12s seem to be about the same thing only black so gettem! DO IT!!! GET THE TURTLEBEACH EARFORCE X12!!!
oh here look i pulled up the SITE
I upgraded from my x11s to astro a50s but i still back turtlebeach all the way when it comes to budget headsets :smiley:

I have x-12s. Durable, comfy, but sadly, like all other headsets, don’t have in-built air-con.

Never owned a pair trittons but I did own a pair of X11 and X12 and they are a very good buy. The best thing about turtle beaches are that they are comfy, play through your headset and not your TV so you’re not bothering your family, and you are able to adjust the game volume, bass volume (X12s), and chat volume. So if you have the money grab a pair of x12s and give them a try.