Buying Halo 5 later

So after these last few updates I’m beginning to feel I shouldn’t have got Halo 5 until all of the monthly updates had been done, So that I’d actually have a complete game for a cheaper price. What do the rest of you think, would you have still bought if you knew how thin the monthly updates would have been?

I still would have bought it.

Im tired of 343 though, released a Half -Yoinked!- game with no original game types, barely any original maps, just remixed maps of the same map (truth,regret) (empire, Eden). I mean the laziness is surprising.

Barely any playlists, removing doubled after two weeks, still no main social playlists, forge being buggy as hell, no theatre for custom or forge games, barely a file share system,servers kicking people for no reason etc.

They need to learn how to manage a game.

“Thin” is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t feel like there was anything “thin” in the December update. I feel like I got my $60 worth on launch day. Everything that comes after is just icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned.

Could you have gotten the game cheaper if you’d waited? Of course you could have. Then everyone else would be months ahead of you on the learning curve, the most competitive Spartan Companies would all be full, and you’d just be that guy who’s late to the party. I mean, if you’re gonna sit out every game until the very last DLC drops… you’re never gonna get to play a major title ever again until a year or more after release. Is that really what you’re saying???