Button Mapping and the NXBOE

Or whatever the acronym is for the new guide etc on xbone haha.
Anywho, i posted a comment about this but it should be a thing… but i also need to test it more, in case, things! lol. I’ll get to the things at the end.
So I’ll preface with I play destiny, and for halo have mapped B to RS, and RS to B… b will crouch, RS will dash… I didn’t get to fully test it, but its… ok? It’s now AW, as pushing R to dash I tend to move R down, so I look down then dash, I did it before I left work and only gave H5 and dest a quick test…
Anywho, about button mapping! When you Map a button set, it’s on that controller, and that controller only. Possibly on your profile, but I’m not sure sure…yet.
No “halo” set, or “destiny” set, just that controller will always be B is RS, RS is B… so playing another game will also have that mapping.
What I did, so far, was map one controller, and leave the other default… I booted up destiny, and it was still RS is B, B is RS, and when I turned off that controller, and turn on another one, it was still default. So if I play halo, it’s the locke controller with mapped buttons, and if I play destiny, it’s cheif (irony!). When i turned off the locke controller, and turned on the cheif controller, I was able to play destiny normally, and Halo was back to default, and vice versa.
HOWEVER, I didn’t reselect my profile after swapping controllers… a little cavaeat, when your controller dies and you just turn on another one, even though the game is all "Press b to make this your controller’ you are not ‘signed’ in, even though your are playing that game you were playing.
The controller controls the game but can’t record, use the mic/headphones, until you reselect your profile… its annoy, and now to the cavaet…
Since I didn’t reselect my profile, it’s possible that WHEN you select your profile, well, it’s reapply the “Mapping”, and thus be kinda a pain when you want to play other games, having to go deeeeeep in the menu to reapply defaut settings.
so, TLDR: you can map, per controller, maaaaybe. It could also be per account. Other wise there are no “per game” mapping options.