But Wait......There's More! XD

If you haven’t seen The Monitor’s Bounty Preview<Press on this Link
Just this one page, I’m already so happy but there’s even more! I’m so excited! Some people might not be super happy but I always love any new content. I want to see what Forge Minigames is like and the new Forge Canvases.

“There’s so much goodness jammed into Monitor’s Bounty that we had to break up the reveal into mulitple features. Check back with Waypoint tomorrow, Dec. 7, for a deeper look at the rest of Monitor’s Bounty including the massive update to Forge, Canon Fodder, tweaks to Warzone, and some big changes to Arena Matchmaking Playlists!”

I think all the reqs were revealed today, but I think they will go more in-depth with everything and talk about new forge goodies. I also think they’ll tell us how to unlock the new Reach helmets.