But wait... The customization implementation gets even worse

Did you know that those vehicle and weapon skins that you have purchased/earned only apply if you are the first one to use that vehicle or weapon?

On the first day of the Beta, I had a warthog skin applied in my customization menu but it wasn’t showing up in matches, so I filed a bug report.

2 days later my skin started showing up in matches but only if I was the first one to get in the warthog. If I killed an enemy and stole their warthog or if we had someone on our team solo the warthog out to some point and then jump out and then I got in, my skin wasn’t being applied. So I filed another bug report.

Here is the response I got from 343:

“So after discussing further with the team, this is actually intended behavior for both weapons and vehicles. No customization on spawn and first user/driver sets the customization; second+ user/driver has the first’s customizations.”

So apparently, now that we are paying real money for customizations, they are even less useable than they were in previous Halo games!

If I buy a skin for the warthog, it should be applied whenever I drive the warthog!

Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?


Ridiculous, no. A downgrade, yes. MCC applies your skins to whatever you pickup and interact with, whereas Infinite acts more like Modern Warfare ‘19. It’s probably just to show off your stuff purchased with shekels to others who grab your AR or warthog.


That’s the way it worked in MCC I believe, at least with weapons. No idea why it’s not like that in Infinite.

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I actually love this concept of the skin being locked after first use. It gives so much more flavour to the weapons and vehicles once you take them. Picking up an enemies weapon and donning their own skin to kill them is great.

Huge upgrade to the old system imo where it was always your skin so you see a much greater variety in game.


I would be fine with this implementation if we weren’t purchasing skins with actual money. But if I pay money for my warthog to look a certain way, it better look that way when I get in it!


It will if you’re first ha, I think picking up a used vehicle is far less common than a fresh one. You rarely pick up enemy weapon’s too so it’s kinda nice imo.

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So it’s yet another thing that 343 is trying to copy from other games. I guess it’s too much for me to wish Halo would be Halo and stop trying to be a COD/Battlefield with aliens.


It’s such a minor comparison that you can’t even call it “copying” lmao. I think the feature is great. Before in MCC the only skins you ever really saw were yours. Now there is a larger variety of skins in a game you can see. This is not a big deal


I mean, Call of Duty has had your specific skins applied only to your gun you spawn with since Modern Warfare 14 years ago so if they want to copy that aspect then whatever. The gameplay not copying CoD is what I care most about between the two, especially when Infinite is already busy trend chasing Fortnite’s business model.

This makes no sense. If a warthog spawns 8 times in a 15 minute match (they spawn every 2 minutes), you can now only see at most 8 different skins. But if it changes everytime someone different gets in you have the ability to see a much larger variety of skins.


Honestly, I am okay with this. Give you an opportunity to share your stuff and also for others to use your stuff. Gives more bragging rights.

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This would make more sense if weapons stayed around longer than 2 seconds after you die.


I like that it shows off everyone elses skins. Guns work the same way.

This is also true. I feel even so it would be more common if you actually unlocked skins for all weapons and vehicles. Instead of specifically for individual weapons or vehicles. Coating system is dumb.

I was referring more to weapon skins. You’re right it is different for vehicle skins but it’s not a big deal.

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I have mixed feelings about that, but it should just be an option.

FWIW this is exactly how skins work in Apex. First person to pick up the weapon attaches the skin and then it’s locked from there.

I actually really hated in MCC that if someone picked up my weapon or “my” vehicle, that the skin would be overidden. I understand your annoyance, but personally I am glad they “fixed” this (I assumed it was the eventual intention in MCC as well), and there are currently much more serious concerns with customization in my opinion.

For example, if we could make our own emblem, wouldn’t that be nice to be able to put on your vehicle? Or your weapons? Or your spartan?

I actually kinda prefer this. Now you can technically kill someone with their own gun.

That, and a friend picked up my Sniper rifle and commented on how cool of a skin it was. So I’m ok with it lmao

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That would actually make a cool little achievement and/or medal in my opinion.

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