But Flesh and Faith

We are not the heroes of your war songs. We do not answer your heretical war-cry. You may call us Heretics, but we now see the truth! We have faith only in our own flesh, not your delusions. We do not fall at your feet in silence. Containment is insurmountable! There will be no salvation to those who stand against us.
We have listened through rock and metal and time to your delusion. The Great Journey is a beautiful lie. The rings are an ugly truth. If you will not hear the truth, then we will show it to you. We rise, one by one, a legion of revenants. We are undying… We are undead. We are not your empire!
We are a monument to all your sins!

We have made room for new members after a disagreement between old leadership members. If you are looking for a new group that is serious about gaming, but not strict on rules, we are the group for you!

Only 30 spots remaining! Claim yours before it is too late!

Less than 10 spots remaining. Gets yours while it lasts.

There will be some announcements soon concerning playtime, and other minute issues. Nothing too strict.