Bunkers on Apex 7 need shield's

ok so i was just playing a match on apex 7 and some guy on the enemy team was just camping in the little overhead bunker connecting to the back of their base the entire game with a BR and then later sniper’s while he stands nice and cozy knowing we cant get to him. i was trying my best to kill him with my DMR but he just sticks into cover.
Seriously Shields need to be placed in the windows of each of the bunkers to prevent people from camping up there with very little risk of death while racking up the kills on people on the spire and around the area. they should only be there as a back door quick and easy access to the spire from base. but allows you to look and see the spire and how things are going on there. you shouldn’t be allowed to camp their the entire game and get kills with no risk of death besides getting a sniper round to the head.
Pretty unfair for the other team.

Both teams can do it and from what I have seen it is possible for the enemy to jump up in there.

Yes, but I love sniping from those.

Theres a reason those things are referred to as sniper nests. If somebody is using them for that purpose then they are being used correctly.

Take a sniper and kill him when he pops out, simple.