Bungie would have never been like this.

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Bungie would have already been communicating with us on the LE’s and explaining all the BS’s. In fact Bungie would have never gone back on the promises in the first place. You haven’t said JACK about the LE’s.
In fact most of our problems with the game you’ve been silent about, you’ve barely talked to us as a community. You only posted the spoiler thread because that was needed.
You can’t beat Bungie 343.

343i just wants to be different.

If bungie communicated with us, that means 343i won’t.
If bungie listened to the fans feedback on playlist that means 343i won’t.
Bungie liked flag dropping so that means 343i will hate it.

They just want to be different and CHANGE for the sake of standing out as a new company and making THEIR halo.

Pre order cancelled

Well, wasn’t expecting the “Bungie was better” threads until Halo 4 came out.

343/Microsoft dun goofed

What was promised in the LE is still available in the LE.