Bungie to 343

There is always the argument “if you don’t like the new games then just go play the other ones”. While that is annoying and newer Halo games should try to better, I do think there’s an argument there. They say the audiences interpretation is just as important if not more important than the artists interpretation or intention. Sometimes it’s nice to think of theHalo story as just the one that Bungie told. 343 brought there interpretation to the table but it’s not up to them on what the Halo universe is to you. Bungie is the greatest. Anyway I hope Infinite is good but the gameplay wasn’t promising. Also make Halo M rated again. The censorship was wack in Halo 5. Say what you will about Halo 5 but the soundtrack was pretty good and some of those cutscenes (some) were kind of -Yoink-. I weep everyday for what Halo 5 could’ve been if they’d been like the Hunt the Truth trailers. Those things got people who didn’t even know what Halo was, hyped as -Yoink- for Halo 5. Tragedy

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