Bungie screwed up and 343 should listen to this

Now i know that there has been hate on reach, but i think i know why, bugnie focused to much on graphics, becuase of that my game lags in campaign and firefight, split screen is horrible. They spent so much time on it that they couldnt get the rest of the game to be mostly what people had thought of it to be, they took out dual weilding(maybe). They reduced and eliminated some stuff to make room for others.

  1. 343 should not worry of graphics, they should instead take the halo 3 foundation graphics and improve that becuase that was ultimately fine, less campaign lag and such.

Bungie tried not to make there game unique, but instead made it more like others, made sprint which leads to people overusing sprint to get weapons or vehicles, rush. They added a rank that is so messed up, Like battlefield bc2 and modern warfare, theres no deranking its just letting u go up and up. It was better in halo 3 were the people jst wanted to win the game, not game the most kills. The credit system is greedy and messed up. They added loadouts which ruined the game with jetpacking everywere,a dn armor locking and stuff. CTF was unique in halo 3 u get flag, simply run and capture, now u have to worry about ur flag being at home so now both teams are camping at there bases till one drops the flag and returns it, seriously doesnt workout, and was seen in many video games like cod.

  1. Keep halo original, dont add bloom, keep h3 foundation rank system, be more creative. Dont think people will hate ur game for not being like cod.

Realism is horrible, people say that they want to play a game that is realistic, bungie responds by creating bloom, sprint, cant jump high enough becuase ur a spartan 3, cant run as fast either. Made health system like ce

  1. Try not to be so realistic, get the hell of bloom, dont create such nonsense such as halo nemesis.

ABOVE ALL, DONT TRY TO MAKE THE GAME LIKE HALO CE. The campaign, was great but seriously did bugnie have to take out soemthing new becuase it didnt feel like ce, when was the last time besides pc have people played massively online halo ce. The multiplayer was horrible, with its ranl system, it made gameplay slower, and people want fast paced games like out


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Sounds to me like you just miss Halo 3. You referenced it quite a bit in your post.

Halo: Reach’s changes have upset quite a lot of people. Sadly, I believe they are viewing these changes through a “glass half empty” point-of-view instead of looking at how much more advanced Reach has become as compared to previous Halo titles. It may be different than what you are used to when it comes to gaming in Halo, but it is still a Halo game. I appreciate the changes that Bungie gave Reach. It has renewed the fresh feel of gameplay once again instead of being a rehashed Halo game.

A lot of people seem to be upset with Reach’s gameplay indeed, but I see no problemwith it. Whenever I play online, its always fun. I haven’t been disapointed with any of the games so far.

But, my main concern, is that online will become the biggest focus of future games, when campaign is the most important part. I buy games based on story, and anything online is a fun, added extra.

Its all about downgrading tech, i really dont like that at all

yea and the tech realy shouldnt be downgraded because Halo CE 2 Reach ODST and most of halo 3 were in the same year.

wheres the Brute Chopper?

They didn’t really focus to much on the graphic. I know they had to recreate the engine for graphics and other thing but, what happen is bungie wanted to give reach a fresh new fell to it so they change the gameplay a bit, so pretty much toke a risk, which some people love, some people hate and some people just don’t like it because it different.

343 should learn for the mistakes from reach tough, but i think bungie was on the right track by taking risks and trying new this like space combat, jet packing and the others thing they did. I think 343 should do lots of new thing in campaign and multiplayer to keep halo new and fresh, plus still keeping the game to fell like halo.

Jump height, health, and dual wielding were changed due to positive response from ODST and the fact that they needed to separate Spartan 3’s from Spartan 2’s.

Although ODST and Reach are darker toned games, I’d say this realism you speak of is not there, at least if you mean Call of Duty “realisim”. Bloom is nothing new, it’s just a visual thing now, it’s always been an issue though, except for the BR in Halo 2. It’s really not their fault that some players are having a hard time adjusting, if they made it so you could adjust so easily, wouldn’t that be more of this famous “catering to the noobs” I hear so much about?

They did need to focus somewhat on visuals, because although Halo 3 isn’t ugly, it’s certainly not jaw dropping.

I don’t know why everyone rags on split screen issues, that’s why my friend and I did launch night and we had no problems in campaign or multiplayer.

I don’t understand! Halo: CE was the best Halo game :stuck_out_tongue:

I still see no problem with Reach at all. Its just like all the other games: amazing story and fun multiplayer.