Bungie: Going out with a Hint and a Bang

We all already experienced Bungie Day, where they made the general gamer and the staff all equals with the blue fire. We all played Halo Reach, Bungie’s ultimate swan song. But now, it’s finally here. Bungie’s leaving, but they didn’t leave without a legacy.

And, also just like Bungie, they didn’t leave without a hint for the future, too.

See You Starside. Bungie has been saying that everywhere recently. In the end credits of Halo Reach, their final comment was “See You Starside.” In their final update for Bungie.net, their title said “See You Starside.” And now, the final update made by Bungie on Halo: Reach ended with “See you Starside.” This may be their new way of saying good bye, or it may be a hint to the future. Possibly to link with seeing into the future with hope and strength, their last weekly challenge was “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts”.

Oh, and it was 7,777cr. Figures.

Bungie didn’t go out with a bang. Johnson did. Halo: Reach wasn’t a swan song it was a half-jazzed publicity stunt to boost it’s sales. Bungie’s reign over the Halo universe ended on May 3rd 2010. And I hope 343i doesn’t make the same mistakes as Bungie did.

I will say thank you for the concept, games and overall universe they have created, but now its time for new management. Bungie can’t control what they started and went on a path of self destruction starting with Halo: Reach.

And the only way I’d like to see Bungie starside is getting shoved out of an airlock.

I am actually very curious as to what “See You Starside” is in reference to. I know there’s a lot of Halo veterans out there who have issues with Bungie, due to Reach and other things. Well I for one appreciate what they have done. Perhaps it’s because my perspective is that of someone realitively new, only in the sense of multiplayer and this world of Halo forums. I respect the changes they made(i.e. bloom, AA’s, and so on). In my opinion change is good, and it is helpful to embrace change rather than curse it and not try to adapt.

Also the fact that Bungie is now trying to help other independent game developers along the way is a great way to give back. They were once independent, and look how far they have come. I will continue to support them, and look forward to a long and happy future with 343i.


Lol, Bungie