Bungie Era Halo was the peak of gaming content

I was looking through some old Halo videos and it just got me thinking. Bungie Era Halo was the peak of gaming content on youtube and really any social media platform. I mean you had loads and loads of funny and amazing moments people would post, clips of crazy fun glitches, you had extremely long threads on what was next and what maps were gonna come, you had halo machinama’s which ranged from small short comedy skits to full blown stories (anyone remember the zombie series from Halo reach?) and so much more. But now halo content is different. Yes there is still some good stuff out there but it is different now. Now half of the threads are complaining, all the glitches get patches or people just lose interest, no one posts clips anymore and if they do it can’t gain that much traction, machinama’s are here but not as popular, and it seems it can not reach its former glory.

I’m a simple man. You give me a skyhook and a ship, I’m gonna try and hijack it. Despawning dropships I can’t do this with hit me hard

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