Bungie All Stars recruiting

For those of you old enough to see the days when Bungie made Halo some may remember a group on Bungie.net called Bungie All Stars. The group was founded to help community players achieve the once coveted Star emblem on Halo Reach. These days have long past, but the future of Halo has not. Though I have unfortunately been absent from Halo and her new community for far to long I have decided today to make a Spartan Company called Bungie All Stars in hopes that when Halo Infinite releases 343 will add a special gift for the greatest of community players and this company can once again help the community.

I intend to be more active in this community and on Halo games. If you would like to join my new company just send a request.


Sounds cool. I’d join

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> Sounds cool. I’d join

Thanks. I sent you a request.