Bungie; After playing Halo 3...

Dear Bungie,

I have played 15 hours and 21 minutes of Halo 3 MM!

After playing it, I have thought of some ideas which would improve future Halo games; it is just a shame they can not be implemented into Halo 3, they would make Halo 3 freaking awesome!



Halo 3 MM is like a desert, void of weapons. There needs to be a greater variety of weapons in the Halo sandbox moving forward. While Halo 3 serves well as a basic beta, more needs to be done to bring future Halos into being fully fledged playable games, particularly MM.

I’d love a 5sk rifle that could be used for mid to long range combat. I predict such a weapon would be a hit in future Halo games. The Halo 3 BR is fine but, there needs to be a foe and I think my idea of a 5sk single burst rifle would be such!

While the Frag nade is OK, I am annoyed that I can not take down vehicles easily. Perhaps a nade could be invented that could somehow stick to the enemy vehicles and even foot soldiers; that would be fun! It would allow foot soldiers a chance in vehicle battles.


Bungie, please, hear me out! Picture this, Spartans being really like super soldiers! How? Load-outs! Yes, I said it! I think future Halos would be awesome if we could customize say, five or ten load-outs with various weapons from the sandbox. IMO, sch a Halo game would be freaking awesome. I’d even stop playing Halo 3 if such a game was made!

Armor Abilities:

Another way to make Halo games way better than Halo 3, in the future, is to have armor abilities? FTW, you say! Well, you know how we have those boring power-ups round the Halo 3 MM maps? Well,tied in with our Super Spartans having load-outs at the start of the game, we should also have our own Armor Abilities to select from.

I just finished reading the 1952 novel, The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and, wait for it, how about letting us be invisible in the game,just for a short period, though. So, thinking about how snipers like to be in camouflage, why not call it Active Camouflage? If the devs working for you, Bungie, can come up with it, I’d use it!

One thing I dislike with a passion about Halo 3 MM, is the snail pace that my Spartan moves. I’ve been playing Big Team Battle and by the time it takes me to walk and Moon jump for half an hour to get from one side of the map to the other, the enemy have left in vehicles and I have to spend another 30 minutes heading back to the other side again. I was watching an Olympic Games rerun the other day and it suddenly occurred to me; why can’t Spartans run like the rest of us mere mortals? So, if it can technically be done, I’d love to see our Spartans being able to sprint during the game; just press X and away we go.


I have a bad feeling that some people are cheating with ranks, through boosting and selling accounts! I also do not like be rank locked! So, perhaps you, Bungie, could do a major overhaul of ranks. I’d suggest not having ranks visible in game and, have ranks which go up and down depending on how one plays any given game, that way, the ranks won’t be worth anything to sell to unskilled players.


I dislike how people are so rude and annoying throughout the game and before a game and post game. It would be great if someone could invent a chat system where we could just talk to our friends and not put up with all that drivel…

As far fetched as it might seem, I envisage a day where the majority of people playing Halo MM will love to be able to sprint, have load-outs, Armor Abilities and so much more…it boggles the mind, I know but it can be a reality.

Well, these are just some thoughts, Bungie, which will make Halo games more enjoyable. Halo 3 is fine but, future Halos must take great leaps forward, visually, graphically and in terms of playability. AT least make a start of it and, if you can’t take it any further,sell the Halo franchise to a company that will run with these,ad your ideas.

As Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story says, “To Infinity and beyond…”

Well, first of all bungie doesn’t make halo anymore, 343i does. Other than that, it’s a great idea to 343.

Not that I want to sound mean or something, but you’re two games too late.

^He’s being sarcastic, he pretty much described Halo 4…

If this guy was actually serious, i’d have a big laugh.
Armor abilities are a joke, and so is ordnance. Reach is little fun these days because it’s been taken over by noobs who abuse armor abilities.

The sole thing this guy left out is “Bungie, it would be nice if Halo was made more accessible to players who aren’t as skilled! It would increase the population and make it more fun for us casual players!”

That picture of Master Chief in a wheelchair… just pathetic.

You kinda hit the nail on the head here. I would love to see a Halo 3style Halo released but with updated graphics and new maps (and possibly some new weapons) on the next gen Xbox.

Dual wielding, equal starts, no sprint, the plasma rifle, and stronger vehicles are all things I’d like to see brought back.

> You kinda hit the nail on the head here. I would love to see a Halo 3style Halo released but with updated graphics and new maps (and possibly some new weapons) on the next gen Xbox.
> Dual wielding, equal starts, no sprint, the plasma rifle, and stronger vehicles are all things I’d like to see brought back.

Pretty sure it was a joke… and the game is 5 years old.
Lol had a good laugh at you, no offence of course.

Funny OP, well done.

Never take what Wolf says seriously. He’s a flamer, and a CoD enthusiast (check his record. only CSR above 15 is SWAT and flood. Kid like instakills, and for having so much trouble getting around the maps, he has really settled into his niche where the mainstays of gameplay are hiding, camping, running away and getting instakills)

Watch this kid hop into an actual game and get decimated. He’s not even a bad guy, just enjoys trolling the forums and playing poorly made Halo games. To each his own, but notice his attitude towards the community of retro gamers at large.

He only exists to make the majority of HALO players angry by apologizing for the broken game that Halo 4 is. I just played Reach and 3 back to back, and it’s not nostalgia, the older games were better. They were more fun. That’s what matters.