Bungie, 343, and Halo Tracker

Which is better in the sense of forums, stat listing, and community?

I’ve only been on Bungie.net and Waypoint (obviously), so I can’t really speak for Halo Tracker.

In terms of stat tracking, B.net and Waypoint shows almost the same stuff with some differences here and there. But B.net has been doing stats longer, so it’s natural that they have more features. From what I can tell, though, 343 is pretty much using the general template B.net is using for their stat tracking.

In terms of the forums themselves, B.net has many more sections dedicated to specific stuff as opposed to Waypoint. But, then again, B.net is older, so it’s going to have more stuff. Plus there’s some sections of B.net’s forums that would be only natural that it is on B.net. Waypoint Forums is young and still developing, so a lot of the subjects are combined into general subforum sections.

In terms of the communities, again B.net is older and has a larger community. But with a larger community, there’s a larger population of trolls and stupid people. Waypoint is younger, has a smaller community, and doesn’t have as many trolls and stupid people that B.net has… yet.