Bungie 20th Anniversary wallpaper (Fan art)

Rock this Wallpaper to support Bungie during their 20th Anniversary!

Bungie 20th Anniversary


Let me first start out by thanking Bungie for 20 great years of gaming. A few weeks ago I decided to create a Bungie day wallpaper for Bungie and their great community. This wallpaper is fully painted by me and took about 8 full days to create. I used these images as my references, 2 and I tried to paint at least one character, or item, from all of Bungie’s games within the wallpaper. I had a great time painting this, but I had a little bit of trouble finishing up the color due to my recent surgery.

The background was based off the main Halo: Reach wallpaper with Noble team. The two eyes on the left side of the wallpaper are based off of Cortana’s eyes in the Main Halo 3 wallpaper. So I tried to get in a lot of Bungie’s big concepts in one wallpaper. This is how I started painting, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5. (I added many cool items, look in the background to find these items that relate to Bungie’s games)

Please tell me what you think, and have a great Bungie day 7-7-2011.

-Joseph Biwald
Air Force Hero

Amazing, No words can can how great that it. Just amazing

So awesome !
Great work. :wink:

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[and this]
[and this]
Neat pic though.

It’s very, very nice. I can’t help but notice a severe lack of pre-Halo Bungie content, but other than that, awesome.