bumper/trigger swapped problem

their is a issue going on which is quiet big in which the bumpers/triggers are not working correctly for H2A when it comes to dual wielding and driving certain vehicles such as the banshee/ghost/hornet. wraith and scorpion. the dual wielding part is where you pick up a secondary weapon to dual wield and it doesn’t fire at all instead it does nothing and this goes to all weapons it doesn’t do if it is on any game bar halo 2 anniversary and it is a real issue for me because i am left handed and the only way to fix is to go back to default which i cannot use well same goes to vehicles wraith banshee and ghost don’;t fire at all but the wraith does when it is boosting and it is frustrating the hornet and scorpion when you fire the machine guns it fire the man cannon and rockets to and it is again frustrating. so am hoping that this can be fixed so as possible thank you to add halo 4 is now a issue with this problem unable to fire in banshee or ghost

I am actually experiencing this same problem so hopefully this problem can be fixed rather quickly.