bumper jumper woes and other problems

So like many others, I like to play halo on the bumper jumper button layout. It’s one that has stood the test of time. One problem I often encounter is with the crouch/ground pound. I have a habit of crouching when I jump. It’s been a habit since the early halos and honestly its still a very effective maneuver in those games. When I do that out of habit or even when the button is accidentally pressed while in the air, the ground pound preparation motion can mean the difference between killing or being killed. I’ve thought of a few ways to possibly fix this issue.

  1. You make the aim button the only button that makes you float and if you press and hold both at the same time, you prepare for a ground pound. A press by the right stick alone aims normal and a press by the left stick makes you crouch in midair, which still can be useful and help with avoiding shots, adding a skill element. This also prevent you from being forced into the ground pound motion while crouching and being hit by a grenade.

  2. Make the ground pound a long press of the melee button, since the ground pound can be classified as a melee, much like a Spartan Charge. Then you change it so when you aim in bumper jumper, you don’t get forced to float in the air. You can force a floating aim by clicking both thumbsticks, making the game much less jarring for others who play bumper jumper.

I like two better but these are my two cents on the subject

During the early-access beta, I saw someone suggest that Ground Pound be moved to D-Pad Down for Bumper Jumper.